posted on 12 Sep 2016 | Programming

I've released version 0.2 of XmlCommentMarkDownGenerator. If you're running a C#-based project on GitHub, it could be useful to you - it takes your Xml comments and converts them into GitHub-flavoured markdown. This gives you a nice document page right in your repo that you can link to. I've set it up as a NuGet package, so in your C# project all you have to do is add the NuGet package to your project and it will add a post-build step to your project to automatically run the tool and generate the markdown file. I was surprised that NuGet makes that a thing - apparently it's called custom .targets. See https://github.com/Pxtl/XmlCommentMarkDownGenerator/blob/master/PxtlCa.XmlCommentMarkDownGenerator.targets to see how that kind of "custom post-build-step as a nuget package" thing is implemented.

It was forked from https://gist.github.com/lontivero/593fc51f1208555112e0, but I'd like to think I've polished it up a fair bit. This was really just a side-project while I worked on BigVariant and Nustache, but it's the one with the most stars and downloads so I thought I should give it a little TLC. Pull requests are always welcome.

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