Sick Pupper

posted on 31 Aug 2023 | Blog

So my dog made a mess in his crate overnight. Not a big deal, he eats anything he can get his mouth on, upset tummies are expected. I've parented 3 human babies, messes happen, I know the drill.

For Waffles, there's no good place in the house to wash him, so normally I take him out to the driveway and hold him by the collar and clean him off with the hose. He doesn't love the cold hose-water, but I've seen him frolick in deep puddles in January.

And this time I had something new to help! I fenced in my backyard. But on the other hand, the back yard is all grass. And mud. And last time I was barefoot, this time I was wearing flipflops.

I made a strategic mistake.

Do not underestimate the traction of a panicky Golden in his element. He ran hard and I skated along my now-muddy lawn in my flipflops, dragged by my fingers hooked under his collar. He stopped just in time to bash me against the shed.

I have newfound respect for rodeo guys that hogtie livestock.

I'm black and blue but the most bruised part of me is my ego for getting beaten-up by a two-foot-tall 70 lb eunuch.

my poor sick pupper.

my poor sick pupper

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