Github CI

posted on 17 Nov 2023 | Programming

Well, it took longer than I would've liked but I got Github CI working with this blog! Finally learned how to use Github workflows.

Workflow files are here

You can now see my posts automatically go from my source-control here in Sandra.snow into the repo. Particularly interesting is that because the Sandra.Snow project I'm using for the blog is .NET Framework 4, the runner is actually running windows. I didn't know that was possible for GitHub.

For example, here's a log of a publish action

The only thing that annoys me is that I had to set it up using PATs, which have a 90 day expiry. So every 90 days I'll have to refresh the token that allows the Sandra.Snow repo to write to the Pxtl repo? That seems labourious.

Probably I should reverse it around - have the Action running in my Pxtl repo so it's pulling from the Sandra.Snow repo. But for now, this works.

This post is my first attempt to run it for a new post. Fingers crossed!

Edit: it works!

Edit2: and now it doesn't flood the log with complaints about line-endings.

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